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Just van den Broecke
Open Source Geospatial Professional

Just Objects B.V.
van der Hoochlaan 3
1181PL Amstelveen
The Netherlands
tel. +31 654268627

Last update: 19.december.2017
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sun certified java programmer


All-round geospatial professional specialized in Open Geo-ICT.
Experienced (25+ years) consultant/architect/developer/trainer with a strong background in software development, always on the forefront of new and emerging technologies. Since 2004 specialized in Free and Open Source for Geospatial (FOSS4G a.k.a. Open GIS/Open Geo-ICT). Charter Member at OSGeo.org. Trailblazer and now Chairman of the Board of the OSGeo Dutch Language Chapter: OSGeo.nl.


methods: Booch, OMT, Extreme Programming, Agile methods, Scrum

languages: Java, C, C++, Python, PHP, HTML[5], CSS, JavaScript, XML, XSLT

internet: TCP, UDP, Web Services (REST, SOAP, WSDL, UDDI), IP-Multicast, HTTP, SMTP

telecom: POTS, ISDN, B-ISDN, ATM, T.120, X.700, TMN/Q3, TINA, GPRS, UMTS

multimedia: A/V standards (MIDI, PCM, JPEG, MPEG), networked multimedia applications

domains: geospatial/GIS, formerly: finance/banking, telecom, multimedia, industrial automation, gaming,

GeoSpatial: WMS/WFS/WCS/SOS/SLD/CSW/GML/OpenLS (OGC standards), GPS, PostGIS, UMN MapServer, GeoServer, deegree, MapProxy, GeoWebCache, GeoNetwork, GeoTools, OpenLayers, GeoExt, Heron MC, GDAL/OGR, GML, INSPIRE, Google Maps, OpenStreetMap (OSM), NLExtract, Dutch Key Registrations (BAG, Top10NL, BGT etc), Stetl, 3D-technologies
Java: J2SE, J2EE (EJB, servlets, JSP etc), J2ME, JMS, JTS, JNI, Spring, Hibernate, REST-frameworks (too many to sum up)...
Mobile: J2ME, Android, HTML5, PhoneGap/Cordova
CORBA: Iona Orbix/OrbixWeb, Visigenic VisiBroker
ODBMS: ODI ObjectStore for C++/Java
RDBMS: MySQL, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Oracle, HSQLDB, Cloudscape, SQLLite, Spatialite
libraries: ILOG, Rogue Wave, ObjectSpace, JQuery, ExtJS/Sencha
CASE tools: Rational Rose, CayenneSoft ObjecTeam, OI TogetherJ
IDEs: MS Visual C++/J++/studio, Symantec Visual Cafe, Borland JBuilder, IBM VisualAge, Kawa, IntelliJ, Eclipse
Web/Application Servers: Apache, BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, JBoss, Tomcat, Jetty, Resin
SCM: SCCS, RCS, CVS, Subversion, Perforce, MS SourceSafe, Git/GitHub
OSs: UNIX®-es (Solaris, SystemV, BSD), Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS etc), MS Windows (95/98/NT/XP), Mac OS X
misc: Ant, Maven, various XML/XSL tools, Cloud technologies, virtualization (Vagrant, QEMU/KVM, etc), Google technologies (Code, Sites, Groups, Docs etc), Docker

speaking: English (++), German (+), French (+-)

trainer: excellent evaluations as an IT trainer

personal: teamplayer, technical leadership, initiator, visionary, communicative, alert


1976 gymnasium-B, Scholengemeenschap 'Casimir', Amstelveen
1985 chemistry with computing science (cum laude), University of Amsterdam
1989 post HTO telematics, Stichting Post Tertiair Onderwijs, Utrecht
1985+ ongoing education in many areas of computing science (design, languages, technologies, products), GIS and management (presentation techniques, meeting techniques, working with groups, project management, business management).


1997+ Just Objects B.V. (self-employed, contracting)

Since november 1, 1997 operating as an independent consultant (ZZP) through own company, Just Objects B.V., providing consultancy, training and development services for a great variety of customers. Most projects have in common that they involve Object Orientation, Java and Web technologies. Since 2004, focus is mainly on Free and Open Source geospatial technology ("Open GIS"). In addition I have initiated several Open Source projects. More details on Just Objects B.V. can be found at justobjects.nl. Postings on projects on justobjects.nl/writings.


1997 Objective Alliance, Amsterdam

Senior Consultant

Sales support
Pre-sales (customer presentations, technical evangelist) for leading (distributed) object technology products such as Iona Orbix, ODI ObjectStore, ObjectSpace and ILOG products.

Trainer for Objective Alliance/Valtech. Provided several runs of the courses::
"OO Programming with Java", "Java Enterprise Architectures", "CORBA Overview", "CORBA Enterprise Architectures"

Advice, architecture and design in several projects for companies in the telecom/internet sector. The technologies involved are Intra/internet, CORBA, TINA-C, Java, C++ and ODBMSs.

C++/Java programming with CORBA, ObjectStore, ObjectSpace and ILOG products.

1985-1996: Lucent Technologies (formerly AT&T), The Netherlands

Last Position
Member of Technical Staff - Chief Architect - Bell Laboratories

1985-1994: software development for the AT&T 5ESS´┐Ż public switching system:

  • signalling (a.o. N-ISDN)
  • call control and services (calling number display, three-party service,
  • network management: OSI (Session, Presentation, FTAM), TMN/Q3, Billing
1994-1996: PLATINUM and MESH projects (ATM/multimedia pilots):
  • ATM signalling (ITU Q.2931) platform
  • object-oriented middleware (CORBA) framework for distributed multimedia applications
  • multimedia applications (Video-On-Demand, tele-conferencing)
Activities within these projects ranged from initial contacts with customers through specification, architecture, design, programming and management of software teams. All projects involved international cooperation, such as with AT&T Bell Labs, US.

Standards participation in ISO (OSI FTAM), ETSI (TMN-related) and EWOS (OSI FTAM, OSI Network Management). Lectures on OSI, TMN and object technology.


More publications, presentations and articles can be found on my website.

Michel Grothe (Geonovum), Just van den Broecke (Geonovum), Linda Carton (Radboud University), Hester Volten (RIVM), Robert Kieboom (CityGIS); "Smart Emission - Building a Spatial Data Infrastructure for an Environmental Citizen Sensor Network" 52 North - Geospatial Sensor Webs Conference 2016, Muenster, Germany [PDF Download]

Just van den Broecke; "NLExtract pakt de basisregistraties uit - BAG en BRT ontsloten met Open Source software" Geo-Info, 2013-8/9; Edward Mac Gillavry (ed.)
[PDF Download]

Ebrahim Hemmatnia, Just van den Broecke, Ko van Raamsdonk, Harmonising Dutch National Geodata Conform To INSPIRE Using Combined Transformation; International Journal of Spatial Data Infrastructures Research; Vol 5 (2010) Reference

Linda Rising (ed.)Design Patterns in Communications Software (includes my article written with Jim Coplien); Cambridge University Press June 2001; Reference

J.A. van den Broecke; Pushlets, Part 1: Send events from servlets to DHTML client browsers ; JavaWorld March 2000; Online Version

J.A. van den Broecke, J.O. Coplien; "Using Design Patterns to Develop a Framework for Multimedia Networking"; Bell Labs Technical Journal; Volume 2, Number 1, Winter 1997, pp 166-187

H. Ouibrahim, J.A. van den Broecke; "Multiparty/Multimedia Services to Native ATM Desktops"; 5th IEEE Symposium on High-Performance Distributed Computing; USA, Aug. 1996, pp 203-208


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Spare Time

Music making (guitar, MIDI, sampling)
Sports (field hockey, GPS hiking, speed skating, inline speed skating, running, soccer, Ajax)
Keeping up with new developments in my profession